About Us


Intelligent Medical Laboratory commissioned in 2022 as a part of
the prestigious Royal Health Group. We offer a wide range of
laboratory diagnostic services in a modern, well-equipped facility.
Our focus is to provide our clients an excellent experience, accurate
results, promptness in service, and customer centred high standard
care to meet their needs to perfection. It delivers a positive
experience by creating a value for all its customers and


Royal Health Group is a physician led and an Emirati owned organization that owns and operates health care facilities in the following sub-specialties:

Day Surgery centers, Dental centers , Heart centers , Home care services , Rehabilitation Hospitals , IVF center, Medical centers and Pharmacies.

Our aim is to provide innovation, human experience and customer focused services during our medical journey. We share excellent expertise in order to achieve high healthcare facilities standards by focusing on ethics, sustainability, quality, hospitality and artificial intelligence


We believe in providing the best possible care to all our existing patients and welcome new patients to sample.